#62 Implementing over Consuming

Have you ever gone to a conference, filled page after page with notes only to go home, tossed the notes in a drawer, and never put anything into action again? 

Consuming content isn't going to move the needle on your business - you actually need to implement what you're consuming. 

Recently after attending a conference, I realized this was something, especially in my days as an advisor that I was terrible at doing. 

Now, my consumption looks very different. I take a notebook with me, adding conference notes to other conference notes in one book. Then at the end of each speaker, I mark or highlight the most critical elements in the notes that I've taken. Then at the end of the conference, I select five of those highlighted items to be the ones I'm going to implement. After all, being notes on a piece of paper isn't going to get you to your goals, instead, you need to implement what you've learned so that you can take action. 

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