#32 Understanding Sustainable Tourism with Eric of Swan Hellenic

In this episode - we are talking with Eric Bacon of Swan Hellenic Cruises. 

We started out by talking about what is sustainable tourism and why it is so important. In short - sustainable tourism means that you visit without leaving a footprint behind. You don't disturb the wildlife or the fauna. Your environmental impact is as close to zero as possible. 

You're only visiting - you don't live there, so leave it undisturbed. 

With Swan Hellenic, they don't have inside staterooms, and their capacity is less than 200 passengers, giving you a great luxury feel in terms of service and food. 

The entertainment is not typical of what you would find on a traditional mass-market cruise line. On Swan Hellenic, you will find a number of specialists, scientists, and researchers that will offer lectures and educational events. 


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