#23 Discover Ireland - Irish Traffic Jams and More

Is Ireland on your list to sell? Perhaps you've sold it for years, or maybe you're brand new to selling Ireland. In this episode, we are talking about all things Ireland and more importantly some of the biggest myths or misconceptions your clients may have about Ireland. 

The first biggest myth is all about the weather in Ireland. The sun does in fact shine and the weather is good all year round. The winter typically stays above freezing.

The differences between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland essentially come down to two currencies - the Euro and the Great British Pound and the swap between miles and kilometres. 

If your clients want to do a self-drive make sure you book them have an automatic (must be booked in advance) and that they have great insurance. 

The Dart (train) is a great way to get around and explore on your own. In fact, Ireland is a fabulous destination to self-drive/self-guide but is also a top destination choice for coach and guided vacations.

Ireland is a great festival destination. There are so many festivals, expos, and ways to join in the culture of Ireland.

To get more information check out ireland.com (for your clients) or trade.ireland.com to get more content, training and tool kits for travel advisors.