#22 No One Thinks They're Being Spammy... but are they?

We've all been to that networking event where someone stands up and proceeds to talk all about their product, their service and simply all about them. By the time they're done, everyone in the room has rolled their eyes and thought good grief I would never be like that. And then the next person stands up and repeats it ... all. 

No one sets out to attempt to be spammy. They all believe that they have the best product/price or insert what ever best they think. The reality is that coming off spammy happens more than we realize. 

In this episode we walk through how to not be spammy when you are networking or see an opportunity online. How to define your authority statement rather than simply having your sales pitch ready to go. 

Give people a reason why they would want to tell others about you - not you telling them about you.