#20 You'll Never Win The Price Game

With each Valentines that arrives - you will see a flood of people racing out to buy Chocolates, Flowers and gifts - many not even blinking at the inflated prices of each. Why?

Because the cost of not having these gifts is more painful than the cost of spending the money. 

Price and Value are not the same thing and as such should not be considered the same. Yet Travel Advisors often find themselves in the 'best price' loop - constantly looking for a deal or the cheapest price. 

Instead start with the type of experience your client is looking to have and then set out to make that a reality. What if the 'best price' was instead the worst vacation that they've ever had? Do you really think they will be focused on what they're saving or instead will they be frustrated that they 'wasted their money'?

Understanding price and value requires understanding the context to what they've asked for. Instead of starting with budget - try starting with the type of experience they're looking to have and then connecting that expectation with the realities of the value of investment required. 

As a professional Travel Advisor - stop trying to win the price game - instead win the game of ecstatic clients that get to experience amazing destinations and vacation that you have curated especially for them!