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When sales don't happen, It's rarely a No!


 Curious To Booked 


Use My Proven Sales Framework & Sales Strategies to Create a Travel Business That Can Turn Any "No” into a “Hell Yes!”

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See Why So Many Travel Advisors are RAVING About This Training:

“I feel so confident with asking for fees.
Two weeks ago I increased my fee and have clients paying the rate without any problem. I am so happy I took your courses as they have helped me so much”

- Marnie B

“RUN... don't walk, any chance you get to here Glenda speak! She's amazing and has so much knowledge of the Travel Industry!”

- Tracy S


“ help me get over myself and get out of my own darn way! Straight-to-the-point advice that gets me results! Learning how to keep the sales process moving along has helped me change my travel business by closing sales quicker, resulting in an increase to my overall sales and profit..”

- Donna M

It's Time You Finally Learn How to identify, address and overcome these pesky sales-killing Objections Once-And-for-All!

This 8 Module Program is filled with Sales Strategies That Have You Walking Out of This Training With a New-Found "Bring it On!" Attitude!


8 Modules That Will Change Your Business FOREVER!

By the End of this Program, You Will:
  • Learn my effective Sales Framework for reframing and disarming even the most challenging clients!

  • Discover how to quickly identify WHAT the biggest objections about your offer are (most are hiding in plain sight!)

  • Finally master EXACTLY where and when you actually need to address your clients' budget (HINT: If you're asking it first, it's blocking the sale!)

  • Walk away with specific scripted responses you can plug in and use in your business immediately!

  • Learn my insider method for turning consultations into money-making opportunities, that help build the relationship! (This you're gonna love)!

  • Plus! Get my Referral Framework for getting Referrals, Reviews, and Rebookings so you can grow your business with your favorite clients.

Curious To Booked Bonuses

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BONUS # 1 - The LIVE Objection Experience


Why addressing Objections is Responsible for Millions in Sales in my Travel business

When you're in business, you are in sales. No way around it.

I resisted that fact for a long time. I was so darn afraid of the “no” and what that would mean about me and the future of my business, that I wouldn’t even bother selling at all (spoiler alert: this resulted in making zero dollars).

Sound familiar?

It took me years before I realized how much you can drastically decrease “rejection” and the “no’s” when you simply understand and learn how to work with objections.

And here's a helpful hint:

When the Sale Doesn't Happen for you... it's rarely a "NO!"

Have you ever considered that the reason you didn't get the sale was simply because your client had a question that wasn't addressed?

Maybe they simply had a concern. They felt afraid, not ready, too busy, or even unsupported at home.

Those are not "NOs." They are "Not Yets".

"Not until I know it's right for me..."

"Not until I know I can do it..."

"Not until I know I have the money"

THIS is why...

99% of All Objections are rooted in fear

You're asking people to spend a LOT of money with you, to trust that you're the expert. That you are worthy of fees. That can be really freakin' scary! So it's only natural that your most ideal prospects would be scared!


It's your job to help your people move through that fear into hope and possibility. And people rarely (if ever) invest in change and growth from a place of fear!

But you and I both know that most overwhelmed Travel Agents never look at it this way (hence why they struggle). Most people just try to ignore objections. BUT...

an objection is like an elephant in the room, the more you ignore it, the bigger it gets!

And maybe you too have been guilty of doing this in the past? I know I have! You hope that if you ignore the objection, question, or concern it will magically go away... but how's that working out for ya?!

Think about it like this: how do you ever expect to get that “Yes!” when your ideal prospect has an objection you haven’t bothered to address?

You won't! Because the objection is the very reason they aren't saying "yes" in the first place!

Instead, I see struggling Travel Agents using what I call...

"Loud & Noisy" Marketing:

(which doesn't actually work)

Instead of POWERFULLY addressing objections head-on, these "loud and noisy" (or "lousy" for short) marketers rely on...

Quantity over Quality Content - They believe if they simply "show up more" than their competitors, they'll eventually say something that sticks!

Short-lived "trendy" tactics that intend to make you popular and well-liked!

Bragging about their stuff with unclear adjectives like "awesome" and "epic!"

Boasting about all their dance skills, creating reels to get popular vs actually connecting with their ideal audience

This may get the attention of bored scrollers, but it leaves Travel Advisors baffled when they make a pitch and no one buys!

The truth is:

Being "Loud and NOISY" will NEVER Actually Address The Objections Your Clients Have!

Which means your clients will never feel heard.

And I KNOW you got into this business because you want others to see the world... but how the heck will they ever listen to you if you are unwilling to listen to them?

Because even if they have just one objection to buying... they ain’t buying!

And trust me, every business, in every niche, no matter the product or the price, has objections!

BONUS # 2 - Selling Fees With Ease

Do you struggle with charging or increasing your fees?
Perhaps in not understand how you empower yourself to charge fees. 

Prioritize Your Clients: Shift to a Fee-Based Model:  Are you a dedicated travel agent looking to put your clients first? Charging fees is the key to a client-centric approach that benefits everyone

Charging fees shifts your focus from supplier commissions to your clients' needs. Work directly for your clients, delivering tailored travel experiences that match their desires and budget. 


"Yeah, But Glenda, MY audience Just Won't Pay My Fees! They don't buy luxury!"

Ok, I used to think like this too. And as a result, you end up giving up at the first sign of any "resistance" from your clients. Which means, no sale. Today, I fight for my people. So, here's how I realized, NO objection is fixed or unchangeable:

First, remember that an objection can only come from someone who already WANTS your expertise. So, as cliche as it sounds, we have all heard a million times:

"Where There's a WILL, There's a WAY!"

Which means if someone WANTS to be your client, but they have a "BUT," then there is still a WAY! Because...

An objection is merely a BELIEF.


And there is ALWAYS more than one PERSPECTIVE, right?

So, why would you NOT offer a new perspective to your client?!

BONUS # 3 - The LIVE Sales Based Lead Generator Workshop 

Time To Stop "Working  On" Your Lead Magnet And Instead Get It Published 

The number one complaint I hear is "I don't have  the right kind of leads coming in"

This workshop combined with the Curious to Booked program, will be your one - two punch. 

Not only will you begin to attract the 'right' kind of leads, you'll know what to do with them once they're there. 

Join us for a virtual interactive workshop where you will get the tools (templates and fill in the blanks emails) you need plus the guidance by Glenda herself to help craft your original lead magnet designed specifically for your audience.

And here's the best part:

It will be complete...  by the end of the workshop!

It will be customized to you, your business, and your ideal clients

It will be simplified, to be easy for your potential clients to consume

It will bust the barriers that keep your potential clients from taking the next steps in working with you


Just Imagine taking One More Thing Off Your To Do List



Bonus # 4
Private Facebook Community!

This is unlike any other community we've built!

And I KNOW you're going to get so much out of it!

Because, I'll be hanging out inside the community, helping advisors daily. Allowing you to be able to get unstuck and overcome obstacles you're facing with your sales!

And trust me, this combined with the group coaching calls is the next best thing to being able to work with me 1:1

Why I'm Not Charging as Much as I Should for this Program:

Since starting in Travel Sales more than 18 years ago, I’ve helped thousands of clients travel the world.

In 2017 I began coaching small businesses with their marketing, but when the Pandemic hit, I knew I was needed back in the Travel Industry. Especially for Sales Training.

Selling Travel is more than simply knowing how to use a booking engine and the features of a supplier, yet every day Travel Agents just like you are told that's all it takes. 

Selling Travel requires understanding the buyer's Journey. The way they think, make decisions, and of course work through objections. By having a consistent and non-negotiable Sales Framework you will be able to assist your clients to experience destinations in a whole new way that even they didn't know was possible.

Selling is Simple but it Requires Awkward Conversations, That Few are Willing to Have

So in regards to this Program, I rarely offer anything with this many High Value bonuses and chances are never will again!

So, why now?

Over the past few years, the Travel Industry has been forced to rebuild and I’ve seen so many GOOD Travel Agents with GREAT ideas struggle to get the sale. I mean... why should the fancy marketer with the crappier service get the sale and not you?

So, it's time we even the playing field. It's time you learn an effective way to get more authentic "YESES!" for your Travel Business!

So, it’s for that reason that I want to make sure I get this training into as many hands as I possibly can so I can help you get going to help others even faster.

If you would like my help and guidance in doing that, your investment is just $1097 with our pay-in-full option.

And if you're having any resistance to this low, low investment, well... it’s also a good opportunity to see what objections you already have!


If you are unwilling to overcome YOUR Objections about investing, how could you ever ask someone to overcome theirs?!


Curious To Booked


How to Grow Your Travel Business into a Thriving Travel Agency


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The Guarantee That Makes This All A Complete No-Brainer:

When you join us in Curious To Booked, I guarantee you'll walk away by the end of this training, mind blown and eyes opened with REAL and EFFECTIVE SALES STRATEGIES,  Objection-Dismantling Patterns you can use immediately...

Unlike so many programs and training in the market,  Curious To Booked is focused exclusively on sales strategies for the Travel Industry created by someone (Glenda) who has sold Millions in Travel. She understands the way travel consumers think, buy, and object. This isn't "just a theory" - this is tried, tested and true, real life proven examples for you to put into action!


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