$197.00 CAD

Fees With Ease

Welcome to the live experience workshop exclusively designed for travel advisors like you. We understand that as travel advisors, you face Two Significant Challenges when it comes to sales:

1. Helping Potential Clients See the Need - It's not always easy to convince potential clients why they should work with a travel advisor, especially why they should choose you. We're here to help you tackle this challenge head-on.

2. Demonstrating the Value of Professional Advice - We all know the value that a professional travel advisor brings to the table. Now, it's about conveying this value to your clients and having them not only understand but also be willing to invest in it.

Recorded during our live workshop experience, we provided you with the strategies, insights, and skills to ace these sales challenges. 

What you'll get:

  • Master Sales Language: Learn the language that effortlessly convinces clients to choose your services.

  • Establish Your Value: Discover the secrets to clearly and compellingly communicate your unique value as a travel advisor.

  • Fee Expertise: Gain insights on which fees to charge and precisely when to charge them, maximizing your revenue potential.

Bonus: In addition to the on-demand training library for selling Fees, you also receive replay access to the Live Training from October of 2023.